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School Management System – School ERP

A business sees success when its foundation is strong. The same goes for a nation. A nation becomes strong only when its foundation, i.e., its youth is empowered. Empowerment is achieved when the right set of skills are disseminated among the students at the right time.

We, at Maximizer eLearning, believe that the journey of a candidate from a potential to an apt talent begins with skills training at the grassroots level, i.e., schools and colleges. With the implementation of National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) from class IX onwards, the awareness as well as demand for vocational training is going to soar across all levels.

We not only train the students in schools but also deliver capacity building training to schools. In addition, we provide Effective School Management and Leadership training to Principals, Vice Principals and Heads of institutions. We also provide comprehensive end-to- end solutions in the skills assessment domain.

NSQF Training Methodology

Focused on holistic learning and development of students, this novel training intervention includes face- to-face classes by professional trainers, practical classes, field visits/ industry visits, guest lectures, preparation of models/ charts/ projects, preparation of student portfolios and role plays.

Features of School ERP

Empanelment by CBSE as a Skills Knowledge Provider (SKP)

Maximizer Learning was empaneled by CBSE as a Skills Knowledge Provider (SKP) to provide vocational education to students across CBSE schools in select States at the secondary and senior secondary level. This empanelment gave Centum Learning an opportunity to impart skill competency based vocational courses to students under the National Vocational Educational Qualification Framework (NVEQF). Courses were offered across the following sectors: Retail, IT, Automobile, Banking & Insurance, Hospitality & Tourism, Mass Media & Media Production and Health & Beauty. The course content was customized to meet the requirements of the industry and provided students with a basic understanding of the sector along with hands-on skills, making them job ready from day one.

Empanelment by NIFTEM

Maximizer Learning partnered with National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) to provide training programmes for graduate and postgraduate students. Maximizer Learning, in association with the Corporate Resource Division of NIFTEM, established under the Vice Chancellor’s office, trained and mentored students by benchmarking them against an ideal NIFTEM student profile, thus helping in bridging the academia-industry gap. As a part of this initiative, Maximizer Learning conducted a series of programmes on Induction, Pre-Placement, Pre-Internship, Assessment and Mentoring and Language Training for approximately 900 students pursuing B. Tech and M. Tech programmes at NIFTEM.

School Management & Leadership Training

Centum Learning partnered with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to offer Effective School Management and Leadership programme to heads of institutions, academic staff and teachers. The objective of the programme was to establish best practices in School Based Assessment (SBA), teaching and learning styles and strengthen student learning. The programmes focused on training across a wide range of functions including preparation of assessment frameworks, adapting and preparing assessment tools, developing materials, teacher training & development as professional assessor and development of professional standards. Opportunities and challenges for CBSE schools were also incorporated in the programme.

Programme Benefits:
  • Joint Certification from CBSE and Centum Learning – valid for Affiliation and Accreditation
  • Opportunity to network with best schools and share best practices
  • Extensive coverage of administrative and leadership challenges and solutions
  • Blended learning on technical & soft skills
  • Interactive learning pedagogy aligned to school space

Capacity Building Programme for Teachers

Recognizing the pivotal role of teachers in ensuring student-centric learning and holistic child development, Centum Learning has designed training programmes in multiple areas to support teachers across class-rooms to contribute to effective and joyous teaching. Centum Learning focuses on a pedagogy which ensures transition from a traditional lecture-based, instructor-centered learning to a dynamic, and participant-centered, and multi-sensory learning format which is expected to accelerate learner’s acquisition of knowledge and skill.

Programme Benefits:
  • Extensive coverage of new initiatives implemented by CBSE
  • Competencies in areas like people & class room management
  • Customized, blended learning on technical & soft skills
  • Interactive learning pedagogy
  • Experienced facilitators and contemporary content

Skills Assessment

Centum Learning provides comprehensive end-to- end solutions in the skills assessment domain. The range of services include:

  • Setting up of exam centers
  • Deployment of exam center staff
  • Exam centre operations
  • Managing the candidate flow
  • Security and quality of exams
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Audits and Supervision of Exam Delivery

Maximizer Learning manages and provides these skills assessment solutions for one of the world’s leading organization which promotes cultural relations, educational opportunities as well as testing and assessment services.

Key milestones include:
  • Coordination and assistance for over 2,50,000 participants
  • Exam venue management for close to 45 locations
  • A dedicated team of over 180 personnel, including the Regional Facility Manager, Cluster Managers, Cluster Leads, Test Day Leads and Marshals along with the Management Team
  • Dedicated project management team
  • Support for written and online exams


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